3M 2005 Marketing Campaign taking off in 2012!

Today, I went onto Facebook and there is a picture uploaded that has currently been shared over 1000 times.  The ad is asking people if they would have a go at smashing the glass…. Here is the image.  I knew I’d seen it before… but a LONG time ago so I started researching it.

3M created this marketing in 2005, according to our records.  Who would have envisaged that in 2012 the images would still be shared all over the internet with the 3M logo prominently splashed all over it?  The rapid nature of the viral share that is happening with this image is also impressive! 3M, 7 years down the track, are still engaging their potential clients for what turns out to be very little investment.


Per the Snopes website (25th March 2005):  I’m sending in attachment the photo of this unbelievable bus stop ad created by the firm 3M in Vancouver (Canada).
It is part of a marketing campaign about their security glass. So what they did is to put $150.000 (Canadian dollars, I guess) inside a modified bus stop ad that they claim to be unbreakable. It is being said that lots of folks have (unsuccessfully) tried to smash the glass with golf clubs or baseball bats. Supposedly, a local TV is airing some clips of people desperately trying to get the money.

Engaged Users are now spreading this picture like wild fire with messages like, “WOAH! 3M is giving away 3 million dollars if you can break the glass!”

Maybe in 2005 3M didn’t rate this campaign very highly as a creative marketing idea.  However, in 2012 the viral nature, conversation and engagement is priceless!

Hit & Miss with a marketing campaign is a given.  There has always been a resurrection of old internet stories re-posted as current, but I believe the moral of this 3M story is that your marketing campaigns are never dead and buried online and one idea may come back to bite you or reward you; in this instance, 3M should be rewarded (as should the marketing person responsible for this campaign!)