Want To Advertise on Facebook? First Things First

First – if you aren’t already a FB user,
get to know what the Facebook fuss is all about.


Facebook has found itself the reigning king of global social media, linking more than 900 million users around the world in real time. That’s amazing.

Understandably, everyone wants a piece of the LIKE – SHARE action. But, before you rush into this headlong, take a few minutes to learn how to do the job right. Doing it right the first time will save you heaps of time and energy down the road.

If you’ve already read our posts on Website Marketing Basicsthen you know to have a website and blog in place beforehand. If you’re winging it with a new business from your study, you might want to regroup and at least set up either a website or a blog first.   It will be important for your potential customers to have a working link to visit you and your company outside Facebook.

The larger national and international corporations have a huge advantage in owning professional staff to handle all the technicalities needed to manipulate the internet to their advantage – and this includes Facebook, Twitter and Cloud – but that won’t stand in the way of your being able to create a corner for yourself and reap the rewards of internet advertising through mediums like Facebook and Twitter.

A little time and effort on your part will go a long way to increasing your current revenue via the world of LIKEs & SHAREs.

And here’s where we’ll start:

Spend some time finding your way around Facebook. Use the Search field to look for friends, celebrities, businesses (specifically competitors), clubs, sporting events. Pay attention to what people like and share.  Study what competitors might be selling and how their products and services are being presented.

Just dive in and have a play. Nothing can break. If you make a mistake or rock out to a Milli Vanilli video, no one can see!

Next time, we’ll tackle a couple of introductory FB forms to get you started on creating your very own Facebook advertisement.