Website Marketing Basics Step #1

If you’re a business owner who has jumped onto the 21st Century wagon with a website aimed at nurturing new customers, you should know that there is a lot you still need to do to make the most of your investment. (If you haven’t yet registered a domain we can help!) To go to the expense of having a website launched and then sit back while fate runs the show is not really how this new marketing works. Think of the internet as an empty field – if you want your crops to grow you’ve got to roll up your sleeves, go out there, and get your hands dirty.

The goal of this writing is to help you get the most out of the new social media (Facebook, Twitter and Cloud) for your business. To do that, we need to cover a few marketing-with-website basics first.

Don’t be intimidated by the new technology. Managing the basics of your website is not rocket science. It’s not complicated. It’s also incredibly forgivable! There’s always an UNDO button somewhere and the choice to not SAVE what you’ve just done. Mostly, website management is learning to push a few buttons and do a little typing. Hire a professional to handle all the data, demographics and technical doo-hickies, but know that the old principle of selling your business is selling yourself still stands tough – so the more you’re involved, the more your website will accurately reflect your image.

Step #1 – Critique your own website.

First Impressions are Crucial: If you were Bree, you’d want to open your website and read through the HOME page (where you land after clicking your website link). The material posted on that page is presumably an explanation of the business and perhaps a current promotion – and should be in a style of greeting customers at the door. You want to be friendly, courteous, informative, upbeat. You want the writings and imagery to encourage visitors to click all the links in your navigator bar (HOME ABOUT …. CONTACT, etc.) so they’ll stay longer on your site.

ABOUT should be a place where your potential customers get to know more about you as an owner and perhaps a bit of your company’s business and maybe even a mission statement. It doesn’t need to be a novella. It just needs to be honest.

Links to sales and promotions (in this case SEASONAL ANNUALS SPECIALS) should be clean and clear with no missing or broken links on any of the products or services. (Should you find any contact your web-author, immediately.)

CONTACT should contain an active link to submitting an email, accompanied by your business’ physical address, the territory you service, and a genuine reach-out to anyone who may have an inquiry or question not answered on your site. It can also provide links to your business Facebook page, Twitter and Cloud accounts when you have them.

Your website needs to be clean, attractive, interesting and be an honest representation of the service or product you provide your customers. Critiquing your own website is just the first step toward ensuring a great first impression. (If you’d like to redesign your current website, we can help!)

Stay tuned for more  :)